Secrets Of Speed Society
Secrets Of Speed Society
UPDATED:  10/21/2020
Secrets Of Speed Society and Scalded Dog Speed Parts are still actively taking your calls as well as processing, pulling, packing, and shipping your orders. We will continue to provide the level of customer service that you have come to expect from us. You can rely on us to be there for you and your project. Call me at 513-724-0700  (Monday thru Thursday, 9 to 5 Eastern time) or email me [email protected] 24/7/365.
 We’re here to serve you!!
We wish all our USA and worldwide friends, families and hobbyist to be safe, healthy and to stay at home as we all struggle through this difficult time together!
Call or email me I may be able to help you.  Best Wishes, Charlie Yapp     (513) 724-0700      [email protected]

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The Original Rocket 428 Deluxe
high compression head - 2 versions
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"Flash" would be so proud!
Aluminum Oil Pan 
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