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Carburetor Adapter
Updated 9/24/2020
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Aluminum, Ford 3 bolt to Ford 2 bolt.
Adapter DOES NOT FIT Ford Model A or B  Zenith carburetors or flanges.
Computer designed and CNC machined - NICE
$55.00 EACH                   IN STOCK

Three Bolt Mount Side: 
Fits Ford V-8  3 bolt mount carburetors 1932-53 (Strombergs and Ford/Holleys).
The 3 holes are tapped to 5/16-18. . . A perfect fit!
The 2 holes are 3/8" dia and NOT tapped.
Two Bolt Oval Mount Side:
Fits Single Throat Carburetors like 1940 Ford 6 cylinder engines and even early Jeeps.
OD of Oval Mount is 3-5/8" L X  2-1/2" W.
ID of Round Port is 1-1/2" .
Center to center of the 2-bolt mount holes is 2-5/8", NOT tapped.
Thickness:  1-5/16" thick - Believed to be the thinnest available.

NOTE alignment of holes . . some 1932-1948 Ford V-8 aftermarket intake manifold
carb mounts are turned 90* and these might not work for normal linkages.. 

Adapter DOES NOT FIT Ford Model A or B Zenith carburetors or manifold mounts.

*This is an example or our carb adapter with a 7HA (or 8HA) Holley used on Ford 6 cylinder engines from about 1941 to 1953.
This allows use of the Stromberg or Holley flathead series carbs.
Carter & Solex carburetors are two others brands that fit. There are many others.
Adapter DOES NOT FIT Ford Model A or B Zenith carburetors.

This adapter can be reversed and used with Roof 101 Cyclone's intake manifold to convert to Stromberg/Holley 2 barrel carburetors.

CARBURETOR ADAPTER - raw casting - heavy duty - aluminum - Not machined
$25.00 EACH  -  IN STOCK

These parts can be welded to your intake log or combined with other elements to make
an up-draft, down-draft or side-draft adapter or manifold.
The castings are pre-set for 4* angle to keep carb(s) level in a stock engine setting.
Bottoms are cast with a chamfer for welding.

A) The upper part is for Stromberg or Holley, 2 barrel, 3 bolt/stud mounts.
Also fits some smaller 4 bolt carbs (Rochester).
Dimensions: Top 4" X 3", Oval throat 2-5/8 X 1-5/16"; tapers to Bottom 1-1/2" dia;  1-3/4" tall; flange 1/2" thick.

B) The lower parts is for the smaller WINFIELD carb and MODEL A & B ZENITH carbs.
Designed to be welded and shaped to your aluminum manifold base.
Dimensions Winfield sized:  2-1/4" square; throat 1-1/2" dia.; 3" diagonal; 1-5/8" tall.
Dimensions 1929-34 Zenith sized: lobe to lobe 3-1/8";  2-1/4" wide X 1-5/8" tall; flange 1/2" thick.
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