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$8.00 ea (1)
$15.00 per pair (2)  
 $75.00 10 parts
Fit 1/8" thick levers and bar stock.
Use 1/8" dia to 3/16" dia rods.
Includes : Stainless steel link, 10-32 lock screw and c-lock/clip.

Manufactured by Scalded Dog Speed Parts  . . .Hot and just yummy!!
The rod and spring end not available here, but most dealers have them.
Shipped with long rod, cut to length
$110.00                 IN STOCK 
#9252 PRO 2x2  -   SS unpolished
Fits  ALL Model A and B Dual carburetors intake manifolds.
Second carburetor can be set to open at a different rate.
Recommend forward carb as primary and rear carb as progressive.
2 cast arms, 2 ss pivots, 1 ss rod, 2 return springs, 2 slide limits.
Note:  the  Equalizer Manifold   is your best choice for progressive duals. 
$60.00                     IN STOCK
#9248 S 2x2  -  SS unpolished - SHIPPED WITH LONG ROD. CUT TO LENGTH.
Fits ALL Intake  Dual Intake Manifolds.
Both (2) Carburetors open and close equally.
For 213 ci high compression engine, running dual Stromberg 81's is best.
Stromberg 97's can be tuned to work well.
2 cast arms, 2 ss pivots, 1 ss rod, 2 return springs.
$14.25       IN STOCK
#29447K - blank off plate - plated steel. 2pcs.
Use this plate and gasket to seal off a "dummy" carb or when testing one carb at a time.
A clean helpful tool.
$35.95  - 3 pieces - IN STOCK
Phenolic block is 1/4" thick and comes with 2 Stromberg carb gaskets.
This helps keep heat from traveling to the carburetor when using "hot spot" manifolds.

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Some Background - Dual Carburetion On 200 ci Four Bangers

* Angle Of The Dangle: 
The Model A and B Ford engines are mounted to the
frame at 3.5 degree angle (front high).
Fuel and air can be mixed in a dual carb progressive setup,
but often the mixture can be rich.
By making the front carb the primary (the one that works all the time),
it allows a bit more time
for liquid fuel to roll back, vaporize and balance the fuel charge.

* Progressive Dual Carbs 
Most Ford Model A and B after-market intake manifolds are designed with the carbs at the far ends of the manifold.
This design causes uneven running and poor tuneability when used in progressive set ups.
In tandem they work nicely with smaller carbs like the Stromberg 81.

* How Many Carburetors Are Best?
One Stromberg 97 or one Ford/Holley 94 is spot on, in CFMs, for the Model A and B engine's 200+ cubic inch displacement. More carburetor CFM's are a waste of time, energy and money - the engine can't use it . . . . Unless you have built your engine to breath better: larger intake valves, higher lift, longer duration camshafts, porting and polish, headers and a higher compression cylinder head of at least 6.5:1.   Keep in mind that the more air you can get in and out, then more HP/torque is gained.
But after it is in, it must combust with greater pressure to be effective.
Many believe 7:1CR is the engine's sweet spot for sport and racing. 
6.5:1 is great for the highway.
All modifications change things, so choose carefully.

Fuel Pressure.
Most of the Stromberg line and Ford/Holley carburetors  
must have 2.5 PSI at each carburetor.
Gravity feed is iffy in turns, low gas level, high speeds.

Fuel regulators tend to work better if the psi into to
them is a bit higher than needed coming out.
Example: 12 psi fuel pump into to the regulator dialed down to  2.5 coming out.
If the pump is low pressure (4-7 psi) what comes out of the regular is not as accurate or steady.

* Best Manifold For Progressive:  
 An Intake manifold with carbs close together as possible, with a mixing plenum and interior directional vanes to blend the air fuel mix.
 Our "Equalizer" 
dual down-draft manifolds have the best of both worlds:
 The look of duals, with an actual mixing plenum whereby all fuel is fully equally mixed and runs equally out to each port.
 The "Equalizer" is excellent as duals (81 Stromberg are the best  good choice), progressive or with the forward carb the primary
 and the back carb as dummy.   
Nonetheless, the second carburetor should not kick in until the RPMs have reached 2,500 RPM (+ -) . . . and that will be a mere crack of the second carb's throttle plate(s).
 A second dummy non-functioning carb can be hooked to linkage, or not, with a metal block off plate and 2 gaskets to keep it from functioning.
"Equalizer" is the only dual carb intake manifold that has these features.
 Just saying.
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