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Water Connections
UPDATED     6-11-2019
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Water Inlet  -  With Boss                                      
Aluminum casting
Has 1/2" NPT boss facing firewall.
This neatly designed part helps eliminate the rats nest of tubes and wires used with temperature gauges and senders. If you've installed a hot water heater, here is your 1st best choice to tap into hot water.
DOES NOT include hardware.

Water Pump Adapter -A to V-8
"A" type 4 bolt/stud mount to early Ford V-8 3 stud/bolt water pump

$ 50.00                                       
Adapts Ford V-8, 1932-1936 water pump to Ford Model A flatheads AND to Riley Two Port OHV conversions.
Maintains correct alignment of pulleys.

The V-8 pump is stronger and safer with high performance engines.
Fan blade modifications required if fan is to be used. . . ask for a PDF instructions.
NOTE: This adapter does NOT fit Model B water pumps

Water Pump Adapter- Ford B to Ford V-8 Pump
$75.00     IN STOCK
Model B head (3 bolt/studs) to early Ford V-8 (1932-1936) water pump adapter.
Our new "B" adapter also fits  our Roof 101 Cyclone OHV and several other OHV conversions with the Model B Ford dimensions.
Maintains proper Vee Belt alignment. The 1935 v-8  pump shown is not included.
Fan blade(s) can be mounted to the "snout".  Contact us for instructions.

Water Outlet Cover Plate
Riley Two Port         $18.00       IN STOCK (shown on left)
Flathead                   $18.00       IN STOCK (shown on right)
Extra thick cast aluminum.
Won't crack under pressure.


Riley Two Port OHV Water Outlet                                    
Pricing TBD                                  SOLD OUT
 Setting up to cast in iron

Fits Riley Two Port heads only.
Cast Iron - Machined
Features an "averaged" angle to fit both early and late Model A and B Fords using an original or reproduction Riley Two Port.
A large boss is on the side of the Outlet that can be drilled and tapped by the customer for a variety of gauges and senders.
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