Secrets Of Speed Society
Secrets Of Speed Society
UPDATED: September 22, 2015
NEWS - September 22, 2015: The S.O.S.S. gathering at the Gilmore Museum (during MAFFI's Model A Days celebration)  was a big success. About 80 people signed in at the S.O.S.S. tent and $1350 worth of raffle prizes were handed out to the 10 lucky winners. 10 nice hop-ups and speedsters were front and center. Speedster rides were given and we all focused on the kids and young adults. One short impromptu lecture on gaskets and torque was given.
Visitors traveled from Alabama, W. Virginia, Virginia, Illinois, N. Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York. These folks signed in at the registration table where the lady's handed out free raffle tickets, donuts, water and club decals to members. Thanks everybody!
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Secrets of Speed Society
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