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Updated 6/30/2022

Speed Parts

1928-1934 Ford Model A & B,  
Burtz-Blocks, GAZ  & G28T engines

Cylinder Heads - HERE - Sold Out

Carb Adapters - HERE Sold Out

Carb Linkage - HERE

Stromberg Carbs - HERE

Diffy Venting - HERE

Gaskets - HERE

Ignitions -  HERE   Sold Out 

Manifolds - HERE   Sold Out  

Oil Pan - HERE   Sold Out

Pulleys - HERE

Side Plates - HERE

Valve Train - HERE

Water Connections - HERE

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Sales Phone:  (513) 724-0700
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Scalded Dog Speed Parts,
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Batavia OH 45103

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RETURNS: We accept returns within 30 days after delivery and subject to our Warranty below. Product must as new. Used, painted, polished, damage product is not accepted .  .see warranty below.
PRIVACY: We share nothing, with anybody, ever! Period!  
PARTS FIT: 1928-1934 Ford Model A & B, GAZ, G28T & Burtz engines - unless noted.  
PRICES: Subject to change without notice. 
SPECIFICATIONS: Subject to change & or improvements without notice.
AVAILABILITY: Subject to parts on hand. 
We manufacture in limited numbers once or twice a year.
Our parts are designed, cast and machined in the USA:
Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, California, Wisconsin and Iowa.
WARRANTY: Parts made by us are warranted for 30 days based on shipping records (there may be exceptions. See the product notes). If during that 30 day time period you're not happy, we're not happy. We will try to make it right. Donkey poo happens once in awhile, so, after 30 days we will back you up and do our best, within reason, to keep you on the road. We may repair, replace, give credit, or refund your payment. If the fault lies with us, we cover shipping. If the problem was created at your end, we will not cover shipping.  Product returned for repair not of our doing must have return shipping prepaid.  There is no warranty what-so-ever on gaskets. If damage occurred in shipping, contact the courier first then us. Product not made by us will be warranted through those companies.
DEPOSITS: We make our products in small batches. We ask for a non-refundable deposit to insure that you get the stuff you need and that we don't get left holding the bag.  Generally, if products are in stock there is no deposit.  If we determine that we will not be able to deliver due unforeseen circumstances then your deposit will be returned without interest.  If you fail to make the final payment within 30 days of the balance due invoice then the deposit is forfeited.  Problem at your end? Contact us.  We will work hard to make your order fun and rewarding.  We want a positive experience just like you.  Thank you for business and trust.
Scalded Dog Speed Parts, 3860 Cain Run Rd, Batavia OH 45103.  (513) 724-0700