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1929 Ford Cabin Speedster

The Speedster project was started October 2004. I was given a 1930 Model A Cowl, a 1929 chassis, a 1973 VW Beetle and I'd found a pair of 1934 Studebaker quarter windows at a swap meet, all of which sat around the barn, used up and in sad condition. The VW had been in a fire, the chassis had a front end collision and the cowl came off a Doodle Bug tractor found in a culvert on a CT farm.

I have driven or ridden in open Model A Fords as well as Model T's and sport cars. They all are invigorating and just down right exhilarating . . . But they lack creature comforts like protection from the rain, wind and sun . . . For this, and I think my last vintage car build, I wanted a Speedster with vintage parts, period accessories, protection from the elements . . . and a heater!

The end result (in Frog Hollow Green) took over 10 years and is essentially finished. If you look closely you'll see a hand built and fabricated 1929 Cabin Speedster. The body panels were literally quartered, shortened, cut, pounded out and lowered to fit the "Z"d "A" chassis.

The doors and windows are all heavily modified. I used the choicest vintage parts I could find and a few modern appointments.  Power comes from a 1932 Model B racing engine topped with a Roof 101 Four Port OHV conversion, which is probably in the 125 hp range. The story is a long one.

All chassis and body fabrication was done by little old me. Nearly every part on the car had to be created out of thin air. The body steel fabrication was a new skill I developed.  I showcased the whole 10 year project in Secrets Magazine in 2015.  I learned a lot and I hope to be able to share some of what I've learned. . .  Hope to see you on the road . . .  Later, Charlie Yapp

News: The car has won five top fifty awards (out of an average 2400 cars per show), two Best of Shows. And surprise!! Best Engine as compared 2,411 restorations and builds at the 2022 Pumkin Run Nationals.
MOVIE: Click HERE to see and hear the 1929 Model A Ford Cabin Speedster in action for
the first time coming in for a landing after its first 4 miles on the road.

Charlie Yapp: Owner, Designer, Fabricator, 
My Helpers:
Bob Keethler (passed)-   Donor of Chassis
Harry Naumec (passed)-   Donor of Cowl
Matt Strayer - Donor of Body
Bob Bouldin - Race Engine   Short Block
Jim Roof - OHV conversion   Co-Designer
Dennis Piranio - Camshaft   Design 
Dennis Shoemaker - Body   Prep & Paint 
Gary Bernhard - F150 Tranny
Mike Wagner - Hood   Fabrication
Jim Huseby - Front   Fender    Fabrication 

My primary new parts suppliers are: American Metal Cleaning, Speedway Motors, Magum Axle, Snyders Antique Parts, Mac's Antique Auto Parts, Bratton's Antique Auto Parts, FSI Ignitions, Brass Works, Coker Tire, Black Machine, McMaster Carr and J-Bugs. . .  These were the first tier companies I could count on for honest dealings and the very best stuff. . .and I still do.

Many, many parts, physical & mental support came from my wonderful wife Donna and our loving kids Chris &  Jen.

A heart  felt thanks goes out to my good friends, Jerry Genellie, Kenny Craig, Ed Ruffenbach (passed), Don Bowling (the engine whisper) and Dennis Shoemaker, who have sanded, lifted, poked, cranked and shoved this Speedster to life. .  . It  now has a soul made from pieces of each of you . . . That is a very good thing . . . Thank you!

Contact Charlie: [email protected]