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Updated 10/5/22

Quick Change Housing

Be The First On The Block!
Anyone can install it in minutes!  . . . It just screws on!
Case is decorative non functional.
$239.00 + $28 ship in the USA
overseas customer request
a quote at
[email protected]
late-1928 To 1948 FORD Banjo Housings With 
Offset Filler Plugs.
1: Remove oil filler PLUG.
2: Test fit - Screw in QC PLUG-PLATE - do not tighten.
3: Remove PLUG-PLATE and assemble studs, washers & lock nuts to the bottom 2 stud holes (optional is  to weld stud to bracket backside).
4: Screw PLUG-PLATE tightly with long edges level.
5: Slide QC housing on to studs. Check alignment and fit.
The backside edges will require some light grinding to get a nice smooth fit.
6: Once fit, secure housing to the PLUG-PLATE.
7: Bolt cover on with six 5/16-18 bolts, flat washers and lock nuts.
All Parts supplied.
Special 1928 centered Plug Plate shown above is optional and extra.
Email for cost: [email protected]
Larry Coldren's QC, polished, grooved and installed with his special bolts.