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Roof 101 Cyclone OHV

The Roof 10 Cyclone 4-Port OHV Kit
is retired. A few spare parts are might be available.
If you are interested in a kit let me know.
[email protected]
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Above is the Roof 101 Cyclone OHV 4 Port Conversion for Model A and B Fords.
The head is shipped with a black painted iron casting and "as cast" aluminum Rocker Boxes and bronze Caps.

The following photos represent what can be done to bring the head to show quality with paint, powder coating and polish.
The Head does NOT come styled for show.
It comes as shown above.
We do NOT offer polished parts.
This engine's paint and polish work was done by
Dennis Shoemaker.
Above: Shown here are optional parts: Timing Cover Ignition System,  FSI Performance Distributor, Model B water pump, finned Side Plate and a Water Inlet with water take off boss.
Above: shown here is the Split "Y" Header kit in raw cast iron. These can be nicely coated with a variety of coatings. Also note the special Roof Side plate.
The Blue name plate is no longer available but we now have a nice cast plate that comes with the cover and intake.
45 Roof 101 Cyclone four port OHV cylinder heads ready for shipping in 2012.
YES, we know what we're doing.  . . . call me,
Charlie Yapp at 513-724-9000,  EST 10-5 . . . I would be happy to speak with you!
[email protected]